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A cat postcard from Ceska Republic.

This person’s writing is so special that I can’t even understand a word except ‘end’ or ‘that.’

But this postcard is very special too, so I forgive him/her. :D

I can read it. If you need help…

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If it would ever come to the moment, I could meet the men I adore so much, I will sit quietly in the corner and wait for them to speak to me, because I don’t want to bother them. So. Fact. I will never ever get the chance to have a conversation.

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You are the Dancing Queen, Young and sweet!

So my question is. What is this song?

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Reblogg because of reasons

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Imagine: a bed, you, him and CRAWL by Kings of Leon

And now…

I’m out

Imagine: a bed, you, him and CRAWL by Kings of Leon

And now…

I’m out

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I went to work for an emergency and was away for 2 hours. Now my dash is full of BenC SDCC stuff. Beautiful!!! Need more

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Cumberbatch and Malkovich yoohoo

'That's like talking to my parents'

So true

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  • credit to @capaldises if you use (here)
  • someone make him stop, for God’s sake 

Best thing ever.

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